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Your Global account in Digital Dollars

Exchange your MXN for USDT or Digital Dollars and spend instantly!

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Fund your account with USD or Stablecoins and spend in MXN!

Your balance will always be reflected in the currency you choose.

$860 MXN

Buy USDT with MXN

$50 USDc

Fund with USDc, BTC or ETH

How does DEBITI work?

Receive money in your favorite currencies.

Send bank transfers in MXN or USD without commissions 

Spend with your card anywhere in the world

Manage your finances without borders !

Your DEBITI card  allows you to spend your money without limitations or commissions.

Spend in restaurants, shops or any business in the world .


Make payments online with your physical or virtual card .


Withdraw cash from any ATM in the local currency.

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Manage your account from your mobile phone and take control of your money.

With our application available for iOS and Android you can manage all your deposits , withdrawals, credits and cards quickly and easily.

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Coming soon!

Very soon you will be able to enjoy the many benefits that Debiti offers !

Join  the waiting list and be among the first to receive your card!

Join our waiting list!

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Do you want to be among the first to use your DEBITI card and start spending your crypto? Leave us your details to join the waiting queue now!

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Legal Notice

The acronym "USD" and "Digital Dollars," as well as the symbol "$," are used and displayed on various screens of this website as a reference to represent the value of a virtual asset, not a balance or balance in pesos or US dollars, even when this fact is not explicitly mentioned. What you actually have and use in this application is a stablecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that refers its value to a legal tender currency without being one.

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